Win the Mental Game.

For teachers, students, parents, mentors and education leaders seeking innovative approaches to how information is presented, APTUS empowers with objective data that maximizes resources, unlocks mental barriers and saves time. APTUS - a paradigm shift providing solutions to those committed to educating and inspiring students.

APTUS unlocks mental barriers at home and in the classroom:

  • Know how to reach each student objectively
  • Understand how to best present information
  • Invest in today’s generation using tablet technology
  • Adapt to today’s students and how they learn

APTUS Innovation

Using leading edge objective technology (unlike static subjective tests and self-reporting surveys) APTUS removes human bias through objective and consistent controls. We couple advancements in Behavioral Science, Leadership Development and Educational Technology to provide discovery of how one Defines, Processes and Executes instructions and information across various contextual environments. We do this dynamically on a platform that today's generation uses every day, the tablet. Meet the "millennial generation" where they are. Develop them using the APTUS Discovery.

What is APTUS?

  • APTUS uses tablet technology to administer ten, interactive video game-like exercises that reveal how a student learns.
  • Ten interactive exercises that feel like video games (students enjoy the look and feel).
  • Data is collected, measured, securely stored and reported. Information and all pertinent data are treated confidentially, provided only to those authorized.
  • APTUS provides easy to understand reports including: A Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Report, a Fluency Report, and a Propensity Report.

The APTUS Difference: Winning the mental game

APTUS provides individualized blueprints (reports) for classroom use:
  • Empowering students, teachers, parents and mentors; showing exactly how students learn.
  • Measuring learning dynamically as it occurs.
  • Uniquely preparing students for the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • Assessing students efficiently without emotion or human bias.
  • Meeting a generation of students where they are using tablet technology.