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Win the Mental Game.

Height, weight, speed, agility and strength are precisely measured and cross-checked. However, to fully maximize physical talent, coaches must know HOW to best present information and instructions to athletes. Today, we can measure this intangible before practice even begins.

"Honestly, we don't know what we have until they arrive here." - NCAA Head Coach, SEC

"We're lucky if we get it right 50% of the time." - GM, NFL Team

APTUS helps athletes and coaching staffs:

  • Reach peak performance through improved and efficient personal development.
  • Reduce mental errors; gain a competitive-edge and save time (practice reps).
  • Stay eligible (i.e. NCAA Academic Progress Rates).
  • Excel in the classroom; empower Centers for Academic Services.

APTUS Innovation

"Larry Bird is one of my great mistakes...I was negligent in realizing what Bird needed at that time in his life." - Coach Bobby Knight, "When March Went Mad"

APTUS removes the potential for human bias through objective and consistent controls to show exactly how to best reach and teach athletes. APTUS couples advancements in Behavioral Science, Leadership Development and Educational Technology to provide Discovery of how an athlete Defines, Processes and Executes instructions and information across various contextual environments. We empower coaches and athletes.

What is APTUS?

"APTUS is committed to a process of achieving excellence. That's what WE do in our program." - NCAA Head Coach

  • APTUS uses tablet technology to administer ten, interactive video game-like exercises that reveal how athletes learn.
  • The APTUS Assessment takes 30 minutes to administer to each participant.
  • APTUS provides easy to understand reports including: A Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) Report, a Fluency Report, and a Propensity Report.
  • Data is collected, measured, securely stored and reported. Information and all pertinent data are treated confidentially, provided only to those authorized.

The APTUS Difference: Winning the mental game

What makes APTUS critical to the success of our program, our administration, scouts, coaches and athletes?

" me HOW a player thinks, what's going on in his mind, and we'll really have something." - Alumni and Major Donor, Big 12 University

"...she has outstanding skills; we just don't know how to reach her." - WLax Coach

However, every season, despite having experienced, successful coaching staffs, a percentage of outstanding physically talented athletes fail to reach maximum (or peak) performance. What is happening? With APTUS, mental barriers can be unlocked. A clearer path for development is revealed.

"...he should be a starter for us, we are missing something..." - NCAA Football HoF member